Private Training

Violent crime unfortunately is a fact of life. We are always shocked by the terrible stories in the media and constantly reminded of the physical and emotional trauma suffered by victims. However, by acknowledging the risk and taking responsibility for your personal safety, you can reduce the chances of becoming another statistic. Taking the right kind of self protection / combatives class is definitely a step in the right direction!

Classes are conducted at a venue of your choosing such as your home, office or gym. We generally prefer not to train in public places such as parks although depending on the content of a particular session it can be accommodated. We can also arrange for a venue on your behalf (at additional cost).

Sessions will either be bespoke to you depending on your specific requirements, or we can follow our Modular Courses, either as standalone modules or in succession. You can also take advantage of the Concerned Civilian Program.

In addition to the physical skills, certain aspects of awareness and attack recognition are covered as an integral part of the training. Understanding the problems you may face and planning your daily routines can help you avoid most types of attacks. For information and tactics regarding personal safety and awareness, check out our book Keeping Safe in a Dangerous Place.

Individual cost: £60 for a 60 minute session – £85 for a 90 minute session*
Each additional person: £20 per hour*
Maximum of 4 students per private class
*prices subject to confirmation depending on location

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