Counter-Terrorism Security Training

Based around our Tactical Krav Maga training we provide specialist workshops for your security personnel in best practice counter-terrorism tactics for when responding to attack.

This training is suitable for professional security personnel whose focus is “counter-terrorism”, for example: specialist guards, close protection officers and event security teams; basically anyone providing security for protection of life.

The training is bespoke and we design all programmes specifically to the needs of the team, taking into account age, fitness levels, security experience, unarmed combat knowledge and specific role.

Scenario Based Training

These workshops are scenario based and usually incorporate various types of simulated attacks which can include verbal threats, physical aggression, cold and hot weapons, including IED’s. The scenarios will highlight areas that require addressing which we can then focus on. The training is designed purely to improve the response and decision making capabilities of the team, so that they all react to an attack in the appropriate way, neutralising the threat as quickly as possible, and then correctly dealing with the subsequent stages such as (but not limited to) second and third waves of attack and securing the people they are protecting.

Scenario Training can include unarmed combat elements of Tactical Krav Maga, which is one of the most effective combat systems for counter-terrorism security. We can teach you practical and effective techniques and drills for dealing with all types of attacks.

Tactical Krav Maga Unarmed Combat

We also provide specific Tactical Krav Maga unarmed combat training for security personnel which can be standalone or integrated with the above-mentioned scenario training. These courses are often bespoke but we can also choose from our range of Modular courses which can be adapted for your purpose.

Please contact us so that we can discuss your requirements and provide you with a bespoke proposal. All enquiries in the strictest confidence.