Concerned Civilian Program

We have written many lesson plans, syllabuses, modules and programmes over the years. We believe that our current range of Modular courses are the most beneficial we have ever designed. They are short, extremely effective, and can be enhanced upon.

But not every module or course is right for every demographic. Whilst the Modular courses are short, when combined there are around 25 sessions, plus occasional enhancement and maintenance workshops. Not everyone will want to pick and choose modules. Sometimes people want dedicated courses that provide certain content, and perhaps at a slightly less intensity. For those people this could be the Concerned Civilian Progam.

Please note that we can write courses specifically for any group that requires it. However, the Concerned Civilian Program has been written for people who want to learn some valuable self defence and tactical awareness, to gain some self confidence and to have an understanding of what to do when confronted with a threatening situation. But without too much focus on techniques. Without it becoming a lifestyle.

If you read Our Unique Philosophy, using the analogy of doctors versus paramedics, the Modular courses will make you a cross between a Paramedic and an emergency first responder. The Concerned Civilian Program will make you a First Aider. Could you do more? Yes. Is it enough to help you navigate through the most common attack situations? Yes it is.

The Concerned Civilian Program is for everyone that has the ability to train. For men and women, from teenagers to pensioners. For all ranges of fitness levels and physical limitations.

The program comprises 12 sessions each usually 90 minutes long. Normally you would do one session a week but it can be done two or three times a week. It is better to have time between sessions in order to assimilate and internalise the material learned.

We usually only run this program for pre-organised groups. As in, if an organisation or business or group of friends or colleagues want to train, then we would provide the course for them as a closed group. We are currently not marketing this course for individuals.

The course is pre-planned but has scope for some adaptations if the group has any particular needs. For example if you work in public transport and need to adapt the training for busy environments or moving transport we can do that. If you are a social worker or hospital staff we can cater for your specific scenarios. You may represent a place of worship and are concerned about protecting visitors or congregants against terrorism. The course is not security oriented but focus can be made where necessary.

During the course we will teach you the most common and effective strikes and some basic defences. We will teach you how to fight up from the ground if pushed down in an attack. You will learn how to defend against the most common stabbing attacks; techniques which have been specially adapted for this course. We will teach you how to deal with knife and gun threats (robbery, abduction etc). We will give you some simple yet extremely effective principals for dealing with common grabs and chokes – principals that you can apply to any such situation. We will also show you how to use every day items to help you defend yourself. Perhaps more important than any technique will be the introduction to awareness and the understanding and practice of how to disengage from a threatening encounter, hopefully without the need for violence.

Although addressing violent concepts the program will be conducted in a relaxed manner and won’t be too physically intense. As mentioned above, this is a mid-level course, to give you some effective tools for your everyday protection. You will gain self confidence and feel more empowered. A confident person in the street is generally not the one who will be picked on.

Courses are £225.00 per person. Price dependent on location. Minimum of 8 participants per course. Group discounts available. Please contact us for more information.

This program is a comprehensive course covering some essential aspects of self protection. However, it would be remiss to say that you do not ever need to train again. We will offer periodical seminars following the course so that you can maintain and enhance your skills. And for those of you that really wish to learn more you can choose from any of the Modular courses that we provide as you will already have a strong foundation to build on.