This is not Krav Maga as you know it…This is what Krav Maga was created for!  Short, modular courses for people who need to learn how to defend themselves NOW.

We provide group and one-to-one training in Krav Maga combatives for men, women and teenagers. You can choose mini courses from our unique Modular format, have bespoke sessions, or take our Concerned Civilian Program. We also conduct highly specialised workshops for professional security teams.

A good combatives session should incorporate, apart from relevant technique, elements of stress, awareness, pressure, aggression, disorientation, and fatigue. It is the combination of these elements that will enable you to react positively and be successful in an aggressive encounter. Please check out our courses and other material for more information.

Modular Krav Maga Micro Courses

Short courses of 3-5 session duration focusing on specific Krav Maga categories. Designed for the everyday person who has little time or desire to spend years learning superfluous techniques, many of which are unhelpful to you when under real attack. Krav Maga as it should be. Build on your knowledge and skills when you are ready with our additional modules.

Concerned Civilian Program

This 12-session program is for anyone that wants to learn self defense skills in a dedicated course format. The program covers the essential elements of self defense but in a more simplified way than our other courses. As such this course is perfect for people of all ages and abilities who seek effective self defense as well as increased awareness, self-confidence and empowerment.

Private Training

Learn practical and extremely effective Krav Maga tactical unarmed combat skills with private classes, either one-to-one or in small groups. Courses can either be bespoke, taken from our Modular range, or you can do the Concerned Civilian Program.

Counter-Terrorism Security Training

Krav Maga Tactical Unarmed combat for the security professional. Specialist scenario training for learning best practice responses for when under attack. Bespoke courses and seminars designed around your teams’ requirements.

If you currently do not have time to invest in physical training but would like to learn how to better protect yourself, check out our book Keeping Safe in a Dangerous Place which provides simple tactics for day to day life that give you the tools to identify potential threats and avoid them, or escape the attack. Chapters include: Security in the Street, in your Vehicle, at Home, on Public Transport, with a special section on Kidnap Prevention. It’s not about fighting; it’s about situational awareness and tactics and it is suitable for everyone.